Everton In Chile - The Ruleteros

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Everton In Chile - The Ruleteros

The Ruleteros Society was formed in June 2002 through the initiative of John Shearon, an Evertonian who had visited Chile a number of times and made a number of contacts and friends.

The Society's aim is to encourage the development of links and friendship between the Everton football club in England and the Everton football club in Chile, whose nickname is the Ruleteros (the roulette players, because Vina del Mar, where they play, is full of casinos.)

The Ruleteros Society issues four newsletters per year in which they publicise forthcoming events and review past ones for those who couldn't attend. The articles are published in both English and Spanish.

The Society holds monthly pre-match (Everton FC) gatherings at a pub close to Goodison Park and an end of season (Chilean) gathering in November or December.

They have published a book called "Cien anos de calidad - La historia de Everton FC en espanol" - which translates as "100 years of success - a history of Everton FC". The book gives information on Everton's formation in 1878 to the end of the 100th season in top-flight football.

It is published in Spanish because the club's Chilean counterparts asked for some more information about Everton FC, its history and its heroes.

Members of the Society visited Chile in Easter 2005.

In 2010 the two clubs played in the first Copa Hermanadad (brotherhood cup) at Goodison Park, with the English Everton winning 2-0.

The Society's motto is, 'once an Evertonian - Twice an Evertonian'.